Melbourne Function Rooms Where You Can Relax and Unwind

Melbourne is the idea city to relax and unwind, and enjoy business! In fact, Melbourne is one of the most sought after destinations for function rooms. The city is one that is known throughout the world, as a world-class business hub, and one that for those with an event coming up, is the ideal location to find stellar Melbourne function rooms.

There are so many hotels, bars, pubs, conference facilities, convention centres and more that offer the ideal spot to host an event. Melbourne function rooms are used for a number of purposes which include wedding, corporate meetings, birthday parties, and so on. Whatever the event, function rooms can cater to your needs.

When you begin to look at the various conference rooms, you will want to take a few things into consideration. The most important consideration will be your budget and the services provided by the venue. For instance, if you are hosting a wedding, then there are things that you will want to consider. First, will the facility accommodate the number of guests that you invite? Next, will the colours of the venue flow with your wedding colours and does the function room cater or will you be responsible for the catering? Does it provide a place for a band and a dance floor? Will it set the tone for your wedding? These are all important questions that you need to answer.

If you happen to be hosting a business event, your needs in a Melbourne function room will be completely different. Granted, you will likely still need catering, but, you will also need a number of types of equipment, which includes a podium, speakers, audio and sound, a projector, seating, and so on. The needs for the business event will be entirely different than that of the wedding venue. For the business event you might also like to have accommodations at the facility you choose to host your event so that out of town guests have a place to sleep. If the event is more than one day, then it is often nice to be able to host a poolside cocktail gathering, or some other affair that allows guests to mingle. In this type of situation you’d likely opt for a hotel function room, which would most likely be the most beneficial.

Many Melbourne function rooms are adapt to handle all types of occasions, and it is important that you find one that is ideally suited for your needs. The prices will vary depending on the venue you select, and the services that the venue offers.

Open Your Vacation Doors With Melbourne Tours To Visit Melbourne

Australia is a land of breathtaking landscapes and a rich colorful history. Melbourne is one of the most important cities of Australia. It is the capital of Victoria and the most populous city in that state.

If you are planning a trip and are waiting to get an awe-inspiring experience, then Melbourne tours Australia is the right trip for you. The city of Melbourne is sure to surprise you with its beauty. A beautiful mix of nature and culture is what you would find in this enchanting Melbourne tours Australia.

Know the city

Melbourne city is a very interesting place which offers many things for all kinds of travelers. You would be guided well with all the tenderness and affection and Melbourne city tours would reveal much more than you expected.

You have an option of doing the Melbourne tours either by a coach or with River cruise. Almost all the important places of Melbourne city are covered in both coach and cruise tours. Melbourne city tours would include Melbourne Town Hall, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders street station, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Melbourne Arts and Cultural Centre. The Melbourne River Cruise on the Yarra River would be a very spectacular experience for you. The reservations for the cruise are done in advance. In case you have an already appointed travel agent, he would take care of the bookings. You would be left with happy and pleasant memories after your Melbourne tours.

Around Melbourne

Melbourne is surrounded by a lot of tourist attractions which could be covered in a day. One can keep Melbourne as their base and go on with their Melbourne day tours. One of the main places for day tours is the Great Ocean Road. You would be delighted to see the entire length of the Great ocean road filled with striking cliffs, beaches and green lush forests. A visit to the Twelve Apostles would be a great finish to the Great ocean road trip.

Trip to the Phillip Island is a much awaited trip by most of the tourists in Melbourne day tours. Here you will find yourself shaking hands with the world’s cutest and smallest penguins. It would be very refreshing to find the small flightless birds walk and dance in groups. On the way to the Phillip Island, at various places you would also be able to see animals like kangaroos and wallabies very closely.

Melbourne day trips also offer you a chance to have a date with history. Take a trip to Sovereign Hill and see some of the world’s oldest gold mines and museums and experience the history of the gold mining settlements. Relish yourself with an enchanting experience at Yarra valley and Healesville Sanctuary. Wilsons Promontory National Park is one of the most important destinations of Melbourne day trips. The mountains meet the oceans here and this place is filled with nature and wildlife.

Take the walk and feel the warmth

Once back in Melbourne don’t forget to take walk on the streets. Taste the food and beverages at the local caf© and talk with the local people. You have to walk the streets of Melbourne to actually get the feel of it. Once you are done you won’t be able to neglect the fact that Melbourne and its people are refreshingly warm and hospitable.

Melbourne Attractions: Plethora of Options

Melbourne, one of the large and attractive Australian’ cities, is a beautiful coastal cities that is inundated with art galleries, museums, parks, gardens, theatres, etc. the city is well popular among tourists for it International Art Festivals that attract people from almost all across the globe. It is one of the most liveable cities that are known for their metropolitan nightclubs and bars.
Let’s ponder over few of Melbourne attractions that have been much popular.

Melbourne Aquarium is the most popular attraction that attracts visitors. It is much popular for stingrays and sharks and the live feeding presentations. It takes two hours for visitors to explore the beauty of this aquarium. Those who want explore the history or the culture of the city, Melbourne museum offer wide information. It is one of the top attractions that also contain info about living forest and skeletons of prehistoric animals. The Zoo, located on the centre of the city is a house to more than 200 different animals, including monkeys, tigers, koalas and several different animals. People who are interested in wildlife can have a great opportunity to explore the Australian fauna.

Melbourne attractions contain numerous of different parks and gardens that would help visitors relax and rejuvenate. People who are looking to relax after a break from work can easily find something refreshing in these breath taking amusement parks. Luna Park also offers entertainment to its visitors. The city also holds different types of city sightseeing tours that help visitors explore the beauty of the city. There is Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne that is one of the most sought after destination among locals and tourists. One can have relaxing stroll here. The garden offers play area for children, such that families with kids can have pleasurable time. The Fitzroy gardens are also notable.

Melbourne is a beautiful coastal city that has something to offer to tourists of every kind. It is also known for its architectural design with River Yarra, the focal point of architectural development. The designers are left spell bound with beautiful landscape, gardens and other popular destinations. Apart from Melbourne attractions, the city boast of numerous food and accommodation options to visitors such that they get something to cater to their taste and budget. It is advisable to carry out bit of research and look for the best areas to visit such that you could enjoy the trip to the fullest. The clean tram system is largest of its kind in the world. There is good numbers of shops for shoppers to shop around.

Great Melbourne Destinations

If you are interested in some of Melbourne’s scientific innovations or just simply revisit your old memories of having science classes in school, take a quick look at the Scienceworks Museum. This site holds planetarium exhibits, educational events, fun-filled shows, and other interesting technological displays that are totally great for you and your family.

On the other hand, enjoy serenity and fresh artistic perspectives by visiting Heidi Museum of Modern Art. There you can view the contemporary architectural designs, murals, and other art pieces.

There is also the Old Melbourne Gaol, which is both a museum and a former prison, located in Russell Street. It once housed Australia’s most notorious criminals Ned Kelly and serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming. In the past years, this site also held death executions by hanging. Furthermore, paranormal experts believe that the museum is haunted. So, if you want to go ghost hunting as well, come and experience this place.

Other museums in Melbourne include the Chinese Museum, Holocaust Museum, Immigration Museum, Jewish Museum, Medical History Museum, Moorabbin Air Museum, Old Treasury, Polly Woodside, Railway Museum, and the Victoria Police Museum.

Another must-see place is the Melbourne Aquarium. You can find this location on the banks of the Yarra River beside and under the Flinders Street Viaduct and the King Street Bridge. There are 4 levels. On Level 1, you will be able to find the giant Murray cod, Billabong, rock pools, and mangroves. On the ground floor, you will see some Gentoo penguins, giant crabs, sea dragons, sea jellies, brightly-colored corals, and some shops. An octopus display and a children’s area are found on Level B1. The ocean theatre, shark nursery, and an oceanarium are on Level B2. This site is also geared towards the preservation and propagation of other marine animals such as sea turtles, sea snakes, leeches, and giant squids. Here, you can teach your kids about ocean life in a fun and interactive way.

Among the many perks of Melbourne’s vibrancy are its shopping selections, energizing sounds, and invigorating sights. You can pass by the Brunswick Street if you want to enjoy some great coffee, live music, and the latest fashions. This place runs north to south through the inner northern suburbs of Fitzroy and Fitzroy North, from Victoria Parade crossing though Alexandra Parade and continuing until it reaches St. Georges Road. Additionally, this area is a popular choice of many Australian film makers. Who knows? You might have your big chance in show business if it happens that you come across a shoot during your vacation. Also, the streets of Bourke and Collins are famous for their big shopping malls, accommodations, and entertainment sites.

The Prahan Market must be included in your trip itinerary as well. In this site, you can find fun-filled events and activities such as face painting for both adults and children on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays; the Mexican music man who performs every Thursday; the Prahan Market chess club where many people show their wits and talents in analysis every Saturday; kitchen cooking demonstrations on Thursdays; and the kids’ dance classes on Fridays. The best thing about these activities is that they are free and you can just come and go as you please. It is just perfect if you are looking for a little bit more of variety and energy.

High fashion is just around the corner. Visit the city’s Fashion Precinct where both top and aspiring Australian designers showcase their latest collections. Alexi Freeman, Metalicus, Karen Millen, Christopher Chronis, Veronika Maine, and the others are just fantastic with their talents in designing and tailoring. If you are traveling with your girl friends, you can feast your eyes with the tantalizing selections of different tastes and styles.

These are just some of the many destinations that you must include in your Melbourne trip. Don’t forget to make your vacation last for 2 weeks or three so that you could visit more picturesque locations and meet more interesting people.

Top Melbourne Destinations to See by Hot Air Balloon

Melbourne, Australia is one of those few cities in the world that you can sightsee by flying over in a hot air balloon. Melbourne hot air ballooning is a great way to tour, offering great venues seen from a bird’s eye view. With a superb climate, clear skies and breathtaking landscapes, Melbourne is an ideal destination for hot air balloon tours. In the early morning light, you can float over the many parks, gardens and views of some of the city’s iconic building and sporting venues. Hop on those hot air balloon rides in Melbourne and immerse in these top Melbourne sight-seeing destinations and see for yourself what makes it the world’s most liveable city.

Melbourne City Centre
Sometimes referred to as Central City and colloquially known as The City, comprises the two oldest areas of Melbourne, the Hoddle Grid and Queen Victoria Market, as well as sections of the redeveloped Southbank and South Wharf. It is the core of the central activities district of Melbourne’s inner suburbs and encompasses significant places such as Crown Casino, Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Town Hall, National Gallery of Victoria, State Arts Centre of Victoria, State Liberty of Victoria, State Parliament of Victoria, Supreme Court of Victoria and the Australian Centre for the Moving Age. The World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens as well as the Melbourne Museum border in its north-east perimeter.

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Arguably Australia’s greatest sports stadium. Situated in the world-famous Melbourne Sports Precinct, the ground primarily plays host to Australian Football and Cricket as well as other events including Soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League and concerts. The most famous of all the events that have been held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the 1956 Olympic Games, which attracted huge crowds for all events. Other major sporting events held in it are the annual AFL Grand Final and Boxing Day Test match, the 1992 Cricket World Cup Final, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, Rugby Union Bledisloe Cup, Rugby League State of Origin and Football during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games are among other major sporting events held at the ground.

Melbourne Park
Originally called the National Tennis Centre, Melbourne Park is best known as the venue for the Australian Open tennis Grand Slam tournament. It incorporates Rod Laver Arena, Hisense Arena, Margaret Court Arena, over 20 outside courts and the Melbourne Park Function Centre. The park’s venues host all manner of sport and entertainment, functions and exhibitions. Major tenants include Tennis Australia and NBL team South Dragons.

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit
Located only a few kilometres south of central Melbourne, the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit is a street circuit around Albert Lake. It is known to be a racetrack for the annual Australian Grand Prix and associated support races.